All about travelling myths….yes in India!

A solo traveler is unsafe…Really? 

It’s an assumption that India is hazardous. All things considered, India is diverse when contrasted with other remote nations however it’s not as perilous as the media influence it to show up. India is a heaven for solo voyagers as well as for the ones who travel with family. While the country has had its offer of tragedies, it doesn’t make it a less explorable place. So this is a baseless myth about trip to India. One should unquestionably take careful steps while voyaging solo in India, however, isn’t that the case while voyaging alone, in any piece of the world?

India is a vegetarian country

At the point when will stereotyping stop, we ponder! India serves meat, chicken, pork, hamburger, squid, angle and nearly everything that is a non-veggie lover and lawfully consumable. Another myth for the travelers in  India for their trip. What more! At a few spots, it is troublesome for veggie lovers and vegetarians to discover something that’ll suit their taste buds. It isn’t so much that we need to boast or anything, however, we’d get a kick out of the chance to reveal to you that you will locate the tastiest and pocket-accommodating non-vegan nourishment things in India.

Snake Charmers and Elephants are common in India

No, you won’t get the chance to see elephants magnificently strolling down the avenues in each niche and corner of India. Actually, you will discover them just at the mainstream visitor goals, as they draw in more group. So its an irrelevant myth about trip to India. With respect to wind charmers, you may meet some in Rajasthan. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you hope to discover one in the city of Mumbai, Delhi or some metropolitan in India, you will be profoundly baffled!

India is a dirty and poor country

India is an underdeveloped nation it’s as yet developing. Be that as it may, it’d not be right, to sum up, the whole country to be poor and grimy. Most motion pictures get a kick out of the chance to exhibit just the ghettos in India, delineating the whole nation to be grimy. All things considered, well, Mexico, Egypt and even the mainland of America houses ghettos; Does that make every one of this place grimy and poor? We should reveal to you that, in India, you will discover probably the most sumptuous estates that can influence you to make strides toward environmental friendliness with envy! So isn’t a myth to call India poor and dirty for travelers in India?

Frauds and scams are all about India

Each nation has its offer of tricks for travelers. One must read about the tricks that are well known in the district that you are setting out to, and know. Notwithstanding, it’s inappropriate to expect that you will wind up amidst a trick, every day you travel to India. Actually, this should not be counted in myths about trip to India. In fact its a marketing technique.  While it’s fitting to check twice before Couchsurfing or paying to remain with a nearby family, we should disclose to you that not all Indians need to trick you.

Indian food is full of Spices and Chillies

All things considered, not all Indians have an extraordinary resistance to fiery nourishment. While some of them appreciate sustenance with heaps of bean stew powder, numerous add jaggery to their nourishment. Likewise, on the off chance that you advise the server ahead of time that you need your nourishment to be on the blander side, the cook would gladly oblige. Coz Indians unequivocally put stock in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava,’ which implies a visitor is equal to God.

Summers is the only weather in India

No, that is not valid! One can appreciate an immaculate, whitewashed with snow sort of winter in India as well, amid the winter months. While it doesn’t snow all finished India, it does in some Northern conditions of India, where the winters are positively not hot. It sounds funny to take this myth about trip to India as a truth. Likewise, the climatic conditions vary in every area of the nation, so it’s absolutely wrong to trust that it’s constantly hot in India.

Every state is overpopulated in India

In spite of the fact that India’s populace is 1.2 billion, it’s not similarly swarmed all over the place. If you somehow managed to visit Leh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Nagaland or other North-Eastern states, you will love the tranquility that these spots bring to the table. Obviously, the prominent urban areas are populated, yet that is not the situation, particularly at the vast majority of the celebrated visitor goals.

Communication Restrictions related to languages

Nope, it isn’t! While Indians have an alternate highlight while communicating in English, most Indians can talk the dialect. You’d be astounded to realize that many local people in Goa can communicate in Russian as well, as most travelers who run the place are from Russia. India is an exceptionally traveler inviting nation! and such myths about trip to India are damaging its values.

Yoga is the most common profession here

Assuming as it were! In any case, not every person in India hones Yoga. Likewise, there are distinctive procedures of Yoga. So it is prudent to peruse and comprehend everything about Yoga before selecting at any organization. 
Thats all about the myths flowing across the travelling community about trip to India.

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