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Just packing a messed up bag and getting out without proper items important for comfortable vacations or traveling is a common blunder which makes you suffer. To avoid such sufferings you should always follow an essential travel checklist which can help you in one way or other. This travel checklist can work as a tool to make you remember the things you left which can be beneficial.

Here is a rundown of travel checklist one must follow-:

#1- Choosing a comfortable luggage

A large variety of luggage is available suitable as per your need and comfort which can carry your all essential needs during traveling. So travel checklist for luggage is as follows-

  • Duffel Bag
  • Trolley Bag
  • Messenger bag
  • Handbag
  • Wheeled Backpack and trekking backpack

*Duffel Bags are comfortable and convertible as many of them include wheels so either carry them on your back or just slide them.

*Trolley Bag can give you comfort as you don’t have to carry a weight on your back. These bags are most important in our travel checklist.

*A small foldable messenger bag is essential for carrying small items in it while exploring places.

*Handbag is an alternative for Messenger bag and serves comfortably.

*Wheeled Backpack and trekking backpack is suitable for hiking or when you are exploring some hilly areas and also while trekking a mountain. Another type of bags important to include in a travel checklist.

One should keep in mind while choosing luggage that it is strong enough to carry weight and should have a warranty of at least one year. It should have proper working wheels, strong straps and water resistant as you can never trust the weather. Always remember to include this in your travel checklist.


#2- List of things you should organize


The Travel checklist consists of items for both males and females. So choose accordingly.

  • Clothing- Pack smartly by choosing less but best clothes according to your destination. Following is the list included in travel checklist

Easily layered clothes

Scarfs and mufflers





Lightweight all-weather shoes



A jacket according to weather of the location



Hats and Caps


Full sleeves Shirt

Convertible dresses


  • Toiletry Bag- While managing Toiletry bag remember that you are not shifting yourself permanently. Travel checklist for Toiletry bag can be large but essential. So avoid large bottles of items or large tubes as much as possible. The bag should have the following items which are very beneficial for your travel and hence included in the travel checklist

Hairclips, hairbands

Hairgel or wax or hairspray

Shampoo pouches



Bathing Soap

Hairbrush and comb


Sunscreen and lotions

Face wipes

Paper soap

Personal hygiene and Feminine hygiene products


Glasses comfortable with your eyes

Lipsticks and lip balm

Mosquito repellant cream

Perfume and deodorant

Makeup kit


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  • Health-related items- Getting sick while traveling is a nightmare for any traveler. So one should be ready to handle such situations and should include following items in travel checklist. Also, precautionary steps should be taken before traveling by concerning to the doctor. Here’s the list of health-related items which should be included in your travel checklist

Proper first aid kit

Prescribed medicines along with the doctor’s advice

Sleeping pills

Motion sickness pills

Altitude sickness pills

Sanitary napkins

Fever and cold-related medicines


Eye drops


Mild Painkillers


  • Electronic devices- In our digital life it’s nearly impossible to think about traveling without devices which can be of great help. So it would be unfair if I miss these items from a travel checklist. Here are some of the electronic devices to carry-


Mobile charger

Laptop and its charger( in case of a business trip)




Extra memory card


  • Items related to your comfort and entertainment which should be included in your travel checklist

Water bottle

Books and magazines



Travel documents

Cash and credit/debit card


Luggage travel lock

Playing Cards


Undercover bra for females

Wherever you are heading make sure that all the items in this travel checklist should be ticked and packed. Such kind of travel checklist is of great help in making journey soothing and exciting.

All the best for your travel.

Traveldas is always here to help you out.

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